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This is a space to document research on pedagogies for counter-imaginaries to technocratic futures. The digital technologies used in education present an urgent site of contestation and experimentation.


25 February 2024 ~ A conversation at _dotwip about student occupations and digital examination software. With Dana Papachristou.

15-18 June 2022 ~ Presentation 𓁿 Looking Back at the Proctoring Eye at Art Meets Radical Openness, Linz. With Tamara Lewis.

31 May 2021 ~ Discussion Table on Proctoring Software with Tamara Lewis, Laurence Guérin, Alex Zakkas

22 April 2021 ~ Monday Reading on+about Microsoft Teams, with Martino Morandi
session pads +

23 March 2021 ~ “Big Conversation” about Promise and Disillusionment of the young creative professional, with Silvio Lorusso


Proctor me softly: A media archeology on remote examination techniques.

unrolling DiCe

close-reading evaluation software with the Social Work program

looking back at the proctoring eye

close-reading proctoring software and remote exam protocols


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